Perception Solutions – Our History

Our story goes back around 28 years, to our founder Eyad Altahtawi. Armed with a passion for coffee, he had a vision to create Coffee outlets across the world; places that would serve very high quality coffee and serve as neighbourhood meeting spots. We started off simply trying to make a few local independent coffee houses work. And they did! We never aspired to be a big company; in fact, even today we see ourselves as a start-up. We have grown one coffee, one customer and one store at a time – always trying to be the best at what we do.


On Environment

Perception Solutions Limited always strives to fulfill its mission for the environment. Each of our employees uses their own knowledge and skills to contribute to a better environment. We will continue to be a company respected and trusted by society with its core value of environment driven business development.

For Customers

Perception Solutions Limited always takes the development and implementation of a customer-centric model for our operations. Each individual of the Perception Solutions Limited community has been trying its best to meet customer’s requirements and even provide added value for our customers.

For our Employees

Human resources has been in PSL’s core values from the very first days of our establishment since we believe that nothing would be achieved without devoted staff resources. At PSL, we provide our staff with constant on-the-job training and regular training programs in order to keep them updated with changes coming from the market and customers.

What We Do

Perception Solutions Limited(PSL) operates in and reports in Uganda. Unlike other intelligence providers most of our staff are actually based in emerging markets. This helps to give you an insider’s perspective on these countries, using the relationships we have forged with local providers of news, analysis and data. From the beginning, we’ve embraced the values of fairness, decency, warmth and kindness in the pursuit of excellence. Our approach to coffee sourcing is no different. If we’re to continue to create excellent coffee, we need to ensure our farmers are fairly rewarded. We owe our reputation to sourcing high quality beans, and we pay premium prices for those beans. The vast majority of the beans in our unique blend are sourced from identifiable and traceable sources, and we’re working hard to ensure we purchase every bean this way. We are now roasting urgeably, the finest fresh arabica coffee beans from Mbale and Kapchorwa in Uganda.The consistency, aroma and flavor for our coffee varieties give a unique identity for our selection.Our strict parameters in choosing beans, roasting and packaging add strength to our new brand.

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